Touchscreen Extender



Bring the power of interactive touchscreens to the classroom – without sacrificing traditional whiteboard space! Fitting over your interactive board, this versatile system provides 4 panels of writing surface that fold out to reveal your touchscreen and 2 additional whiteboards underneath.

Features and benefits:

  • Tuck your IWB behind 2 fold-out whiteboards
  • Gain 50% more whiteboard writing space
  • 25” lift BalanceBox wall mount
  • Fits all major IWB manufacturers up to 84”
  • Magnetic on all whiteboard surfaces
  • Use to partition 3 separate work areas
  • Easily install over existing infrastructure

Perfect for use in classrooms, boardrooms, assistive technology and healthcare.


BalanceBox System
4 Dry Erase Panels
Mounting Brackets
* Touchscreen not included.


Specs coming soon.